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How fast is a fast male premature ejaculation problem?

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Wanting to Overcome Premature Ejaculation,
You Are Not Alone...

" It Is Our Only Reward
To See You Have
a Premature Ejaculation Cure "

" Because We Understand How Shameful The
 Premature Ejaculation Problem Is "

  • 70% males suffer from premature ejaculation
  • It is the most common sexual disfunction on earth

The problem is that   as easy it is to cure premature ejaculation   most men are too shamed to do anything about it. They rather want to have one premature ejaculation experience after an other than seek help, put a little effort in, and cure their premature ejaculation.

Do you believe it is possible to cure your problem?

You better believe it....

... because the only way to cure your premature ejaculation is to trust us. Trust the men who did it before you. We all cured our premature ejaculation, and we all have a happy, sexually satisfied wives to day...

... And We All Want To Help You Do The Same

There are many cures available. We will go into details about every one of them here on this site. Some of them work wonders, other cause more harm than cure.

We recommend that you start by understanding the definition of premature ejaculation and what causes it . By understanding your problem you will have better reality base for how to cure it.

Saying this we know most of you will not take the time to study the premature ejaculation subject .

Therefore we are going to discuss few cures ... right now.

Four Ways To Cure Premature Ejaculation

  • Desensitize Spray There is only one thing to say about desensitize cream/spray...

    ... don't use them!

    Those creams will never cure you, and probably make things worse if anything. You might be able to last a little bit longer, but it is not worth it.

    You will not really feel anything, and what is worse neither will she. She will probably enjoy sex less than if you just came in few seconds.

    And most likely you will come just as fast using the cream/spray.

    There are so many more cures available. Cures that will help you not harm you. So take a good advise, forget about desensitizing the penis and find a better solution.

  • Pills To Cure Premature Ejaculation Pills will not really cure you. Pills can be good if used with other aids as Exercise program.

    The pills work in two ways...

    First. They include little doze of natural anti depression herbal medicine. Comming too fast is often caused by some kind of anxiety. Using little doze of anti depression herbal medicine will work against this anxiety helping you to last a little longer.

    Second. They are filled with minerals, vitamins and herbal blends necessary for your body to have enough energy for sex. If you do not have enough energy for sex you wont last long enough.

    You wont get many of those minerals from regular vitamins you take every day.

    You will probably not last as long as you want if you only use those pills, but it might ad few minutes to the intercourse.

    One Word Of Warning...

    ... there are bunch of pills on the market meant to delay your ejculation. Many of those pills are only scams. They will not work. There are some that can work wonders, but others will not do anything. So be aware!

    The only pills we feel comfortable to recommend are called Ultra Control. You can find those pills here.

  • Self Hypnosis The second best solution is hypnosis.

    By listening to a hypnosis tape, made by good hypnotist, you can cure your self little by little.

    The hypnotist will reach your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind controls all your body activities you are not aware of.

    Body activities as the beating of your heart, breathing, walking, and Ejaculating.

    What happens is that the hypnotist plants a little message in the unconscious mind, which will help you control your premature ejaculation.

    The more you listen to the CD/MP3, the faster you will be cured.

    The best hypnosis CD's are made by a hypnotist named Wendi Friesen. You can find her site here.

  • Exercise Programs The best solutionis practising premature ejaculation exercises. Good exercise program has proven 95% success rate.

    It works both as a physical and psychological cure. You learn to relax your body during sex. Get rid of any anxiety you might have.

    You get to be more aware of how close you are to coming (most of you don't realize the ten step you go through before you ejaculate).

    You learn to exercise the PC muscles, the muscles that control the ejaculation, and use them to prevent you from ejaculating before you want to.

    To successfully cure your problem using exercises you have to follow a good exercise program. Learning only one, two, three exercises, like some programs will try to sell you has very limited success.

    The highest rated program, and therefore the highest rated premature ejaculation cure is called The Ejaculation Master.

    The Ejaculation Master Program has over fifty exercises and good plan to follow. You move on as you progress from one exercise to an other. This premature ejaculation exercise program has 95% success rate, and a money back guarantee. If it doesn't cure your premature ejaculation get your money back.You can find the Ejaculation Master here.