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"Hypnosis As Premature Ejaculation Treatment"  

You suffer from premature ejaculation and are looking for some kind of premature ejaculation treatment that will work.

You probably will first think of something physical like desensitize spray as premature ejaculation treatment.

The fact is though that premature ejaculation is most often emotional. It is in our head. We are anxious about something related to sex.

Therefore the premature ejaculation treatment we need is something that works on out mind not only our body.

Well hypnosis does both. Because our mind controls our body. And the hypnotist will control our mind for a while.

What hypnosis does is reaching our subconscious, the part of our mind that we are not aware of most of the time. The subconscious controls for example our heart beat, how we breath, and off course when we ejaculate.

Lets get one thing clear. You do not need to go to a hypnotist in person. You get just as good results, if not better, by listening to a self hypnosis CD/tape.

What happens when you listen to the hypnotist is that he will rule your subconscious for a while. He will it to relax your body during sex. He will tell it to be aware when you are reaching the point of no return, when you cant hold of any more.

Good hypnotist will even put a little program into your subconscious where if you state some word in your mind you will not ejaculate and then if you state an other word you will get ready to ejaculate.

Offcourse you wont get cured over night. It might take you few weeks to get totally heals using hypnosis as premature ejaculation treatment. But the more you listen to the CD/tape the more will you get healed, and this works great as premature ejaculation treatment.

The best hypnosis premature ejaculation treatment I have found is made by a woman named Wendi Friesen. You can find her site and her hypnosis premature ejaculation treatment here.