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"Desensitize Sprays To Control Premature Ejaculation"

The most known way to control premature ejaculation is the use of desensitize spray or cream. What is less known is that this is also the least effective way to control premature ejaculation.

I am asked a lot about this way to control premature ejaculation and my answer is always the same: "you can use it if you want but I do not recommend it".

Those desensitize devises might control premature ejaculation a little bit for some people but it will not give any permanent results, nor help you become a better lover.

Who cares if you can control premature ejaculation for one or two minutes more. Surely not the woman you are with. What you want to get to is being able to choose always when you want to come. Not just control premature ejaculation a little bit longer.

The cause for premature ejaculation is not being hyper sensitive in the penis. On the contrarily you are probably not enough aware of what is going on. You do not realize you are about to come until it is too late.

That is why I say find other ways to control premature ejaculation than desensitize cream or spray.

Other bad thing about desensitize creams is that you wont enjoy sex as much. You cant feel anything. And the worst thing is neither can she. Of course it will also desensitize her no matter what they say in the directions.

The only way to avoid desensitize her is to use condom.

You can see I am totally against those desensitize creams or sprays. And it is because I know there are other ways to control premature ejaculation without desensitizing the penis. Without taking the joy out of sex.

The reason you want to control premature ejaculation is to enjoy sex even more, not less.

If you are interested you can find some of my most recommenced ways to control premature ejaculation here.

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