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The Male Premature Ejaculation Problem!

…Although, I know you want to avoid premature ejaculation problem. I am not sure what male premature ejaculation problem really is in your reality.

Lets get to the base of our enemy, the male premature ejaculation problem.

Think about it, the premature ejaculation problem is not easy to catch... 
  • ...is premature ejaculation lasting less than two minutes, or under two seconds ?
  • ...is it being able to push in twice, or twenty times ?
  • ...is it sometimes, or always ejaculate faster than your partner ?

For example....

If your girlfriend would come in ten seconds every time you stuck it in (yes this is possible), but you lasted twelve seconds. Would there be any male premature ejaculation to avoid. You are both coming, right?

Lasting twelve seconds would usually be considered coming pretty fast, but if the girl also comes that fast, is there a problem?

What I am getting you to see is that it is not the time the premature ejaculation takes, it is the feeling behind it.

You can't measure when you have problem, you have to feel it in your self. You could last for two minutes, five minutes, or twenty minutes but still have male premature ejaculation problem.

Why would you have a problem if you could last ten minutes  ?

…because you can't control when you ejaculate.

Sexually healthy male can decide how long or short they last every time they have sex .

When you get healthy...

When you learn to avoid the premature ejaculation problem, you will always be able to choose how long you last.

You will be able to have a short one if you want to, or last for hours if you chose to.

Off course most men are not sexually healthy in this way. Seventy percent (70%) ejaculate within two minutes of entering the vagina. Ninety percent (90%) women, on the other hand need least ten to fifteen minutes of active sex to come.

Conclusion: ninety percent women are looking for those few percent of men who are healthy sexually and can last as long as they want. Men who can avoid male premature ejaculation problem are the men women want.

I chose to become one of the few who last, and so can you.

Now if the male premature ejaculation problem is so common, and so hard to avoid premature ejaculation, you must be wondering what causes premature ejaculation in all those males.

Good question. Click here to continue…