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premature ejaculation solution to cure you permanently

" Solutions to Stop Premature Ejaculation "

"Using Proven solutions for Curing
Premature Ejaculation, You Will
get the job done "

You will stop your premature ejaculation and have a long lasting, fulfilling sex for the rest of live. Making both you and your woman thrilled.

Because there are bunch of solutions on the market to cure your premature ejaculation.

...but, most of those premature ejaculation cures have the sole purpose of misusing your sexual shame. Without giving you any real cure back.

But there are few very effective solutions, which can help you...

  • Desensitizing spray. To tell you the truth I do NOT recommend those sprays. The manufactures want you to think that your problem lies in your penis being over sensitive. And the cure is to desiccative the penis

    Those sprays will not work for most men, and sometimes make the problem worse. And they take away big part of the joy of sex, because you wont feel anything.

  • Pills to Last Longer Most of those pills work as a little doze of natural depression medicine to fight your anxiety you about sex. They also include some minerals your body might be lacking.

    I felt some difference taking pills to stop my premature ejaculation , I started to relax more during sex helping me to last a little longer.

    I only recommend those pills as a quick fix while other permanent premature ejaculation solutions, as hypnosis or exercising program, are starting to work good in your live. You can find the pills I used here.

  • Hypnosis to cure premature ejaculaiton is a great permanent solution. By reaching your subconscious the hypnotist can order you to relax more during sex, and give you guidance so you will be able to stop your ejaculation before you reach the point of no return.

    The best part about hypnosis is that it is totally effortless . You just lay down and listen to a tape/CD. The best hypnosis tapes on line are made by Wendi Friesen, you can find her side here.

  • Exercises and techniques programs are by far the best way to cure you permanently. Following good program, you will not only stop your premature ejaculation but also learn to enjoy sex better than you thought possible.

    By doing those exercises you will learn to relax and get rid of any anxiety you have during sex, and also deal with inexperience, which lead to your premature ejaculation.

    Doing the exercises was really what did the trick for me. After practising for a month or so, I was able to last pretty long most of the time (20-30 minutes). Couple of months later I could control my ejaculation completely, have a short one if I wanted to or last for hours if that was my chose.

    One word of warning though. There are websites out there who have one or two exercises they claim will cure you. This usually won't work. You need good stable program with many techniques, where you move on as you progress in the program.

    The program I used to cure my premature ejaculation has over fifty exercises, and a solid plan. I guarantee if you practise this solution to cure your premature ejaculation, you will succeed, and become one of the few sexually healthy male out there. You can find the exercising program I used here.